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Re: Bumping cam on a NA 2.2?

[from Scott]-PDQSHIP]

>doubts, I can tell you my Vericom gave the overwhelming yes and even the
>G-analyst said yessir.....  BTW, Franco industries actually makes the cats
>meow, a centrifical advancing cam gear that adv to mid rpm then retards at hi
>rpm, and that's exactly what you want.....  And I know one VERY tweeked TQC
>that swears by it (Warning:  BARB -Big Audi Ring Bucks)......
Scott and fellow Audi sages. I've read with great enthusiasm about the
centrifugal cam advance. And even considered the then $300 asking price
couple years back when it was advertised in Euro Car mag for Audi and PCar

But does that really work in a front cam belted 2.2 inline 5 that drives
the distributor off the BACK of the engine. I'm a little confused about
what a cam gear that has a mind of its own will do to the ignition timing.

needing more horsies. Don't we all.

Ernest Wong