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Re: Normal Oil Pressure

I have two data points for you:
1) My father's '82 Coupe.  Reads a fluctuating 1.5 - 2 bar at idle when hot,
   goes to 5 bar when revved.
2) My '85 Coupe GT.  Reads a fluctuating 2.5 - 3 bar at idle when really hot,
   3.5 - 4.5 bar when at nominal operating temp, and pegs the gauge when 
   revving.  When really pushing it (full throttle, up to 5K rpm or ss), it
   often will drop down to 3 bar or so (which makes sense).
BTW, I'm running Mobil-1 15W50 and my father is using Castol 40W.
Realize that new oil will hold a higher pressure than older oil, and straight
weight oil will hold a higher pressure than dual-weight.

I think your guage may be working fine, but reading higher pressure than
the oil is actually at.


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> Subject: Normal Oil Pressure

>         Does anyone know what is considered normal oil pressure in a 5 
>      cylinder Audi?.  My 86 Coupe GT reads 4.5 to 5 bar at idle.  Any RPM 
>      above idle pegs the gauge.  I never thought too much about it since 
>      the gauge has read this way since the day I drove it out of the 
>      showroom.  A friend of mine is having her Firebird "fixed" because of 
>      the same indication and now it has me wondering.  Is a pegged oil 
>      pressure gauge normal in Audis??  I'm sure I don't have an oil 
>      pressure problem, at least not one that has continued for the last 10 
>      years.
>                                                         Tom Brown