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Re: BE CAREFUL!, getting even?

Dear Tom, fellow q-heads,

> Ol' uncle Bart.........

> Relax....you can choose to agree or disagree with what I say or do.....
> bag the name calling though...it's very unbecoming...

Tom, if my message offended, and it appears to have done so, please accept my 
public apologies.  I did not mean to offend, but to point out that your advice, 
if followed, borders on the suicidal.

...If I'm going
> 75 in the right lane, and a truck moves to within 3-4 feet of my car....
> am I provoking????? NO..... If he wants to get a running start up a hill,
> or get by me, there's the left lane......I have no problem with a truck 
> passing me.........If he just wants to crawl up my ass and endanger my family,
> then he risks having my wrath brought down upon him...........I just threw
> the mace in there...

Leaving aside, for a moment the mace bit, I suggest that you ponder the physics 
involved (F=MA, where F=force, M=mass, and a=acceleration.)  Now ponder the 
relative mass of your vehicle and family, and that of the 18 wheeler.  You may 
well feel justified in your actions.  Does the phrase "dead right" ring any 

You might well consider what Jim Healey said about the gun-totting, amphetemine 
charged (he said "addictied" but you get the drift) driver of the 18 wheeler.  
You might get lucky, and choose to taunt one who has not *already* reached his 
breaking point, aided, as it were, by proponents of your school of thought who 
have also decided to "teach" this guy a thing or two... Play this game with 
these boys very much, and you'll never haer another word of criticism from Yer 
Kindly ol' Unka Bart.  Or anyone else...
> As for your statement:
> > And besides, if a truck's on yer ass, it's just mother nature's way of 
> > telling 
> > you that yer drivin like a wuss in the first place; speed up or get over.

> is a hypocrisy.....all this talk talk about driving at speeds +100mph to a
> newbie is probably even more dangerous, so get off yer high horse....

(Sigh...)  I intended that to lighten the tone a bit so that it wouldn't seem so
much like an ad-hominum attack on you.  I failed, and apologize.

I don't recall *any* mention of "about driving at speeds +100mph," definitely 
not from me.  On the other hand, Driving triple digits on a crowded road is 
stupid.  Playing aggressive, in-your-face games with 18 wheelers, on the other 
hand, goes far beyond mere folly; into the realm of the "non-habitforming."

Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart still loves ya (but is beginning to wonder where to 
send flowers...)