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Re: Audi 100Q - Voltage o

  >My '87 4000S does the same thing.  I have replaced the alternator and
  >the  voltage regulator and the "problem" still persists.  I don't know
  >whta  makes it do this, but it has always charged fine after the
  >voltage is  "kicked in" at about 3k rpms.  ?????  Why   ??????

  I don't know why, but I had the same problem a while back on 
  my 1984 5000S. The alternator would intermittenly charge, and
  on rare occations not charge at all.  I replaced the alternator
  only to have the problem recur 2 months later.  (got a free
  replacement from Bosch) and still the same problem.
  I fixed it by replacing the wire that runs from the back 
  of the alternator to the back of the instrument cluster. 
  That was several years ago and never another charging problem.

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