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Fri 13th!! :P and question -LONG

Hi Q-philes,

My '87 4kcsq has recently aquired some kind of "possesion".... it
all started on Friday the 13th (no kidding)!  ;)  I was traveling
home from school for the weekend when I found myself stuck behind
a Chevy S-10 and flat bed trailer doing all of 40 mph!  WHOA!  :P 
The road is just a two lane, plus it is very curvey which makes
passing difficult at times.   It was also quite windy that day
-this will explain what happened...    I was actually car #2 behind
the trailer...(there was a BIMMER wanna be = Bonneville ahead of
me).  I got to a point in the road with a gradual curve and saw an
opening for the pass. Since I was only doing 40 at the time, the
pass would be pretty simple (or so I thought).  I get out into the
other lane and pick up speed... JUST as I got head to head with
the Bonneville, a three level metal shelving unit catches some air
and decides to 'bail' from the trailer... landing about a dozen
yards ahead of me (no stopping for this one)!  I yell something
that I won't repeat right now and hit the brakes -----
SCREEEECH--- THUD!!  I tried to swerve onto the opposite shoulder,
but it still nailed me in the right front corner.   ARRRGH!    I
slid onto the shoulder and stopped to make sure the damn shelf was
clear from the car... YUP, it was.... and it was unbelievably flat!
<grin>   I examined my car only to find that I had broken out one
of those little plastic air vent thingies on the lower bumper area
of my 4000 CSQ--- WHOA!  The corner of the shelf hit the center of
my licsense plate and made a nice impression.  ;)   After I was
sure that I didn't do any major damage (underbody ok etc.), I
jumped in and took off after the trailer and truck (they never
even noticed anything!  My god, they must have been deaf because it
sure as hell made some noise!  ;)     I caught up with them about a
mile and a half down the road.... a couple of older farmers that
probably wouldn't have even noticed anything was missing if
another motorist hadn't honked at them and flagged them over!   
They WERE very polite (which made it difficult for me to be as
angry as I was).   I decided to just let it slide as damage to my
car was virtually non-existant and they were apologetic about the
whole thing.

Once I got home I discovered that my right front turn signal was
burned out... ok, no biggy... just popped a new one in and I was
set! (or so I thought)...   Recently my left front (go figure)
blinker has decided to blink very rapidly (sometimes) for no
apparent reason.  Hmmm... the bulb is fine, I switched it just to
be sure -as well as the fuse.  It still does it!!  Not all of the
time, but just once in a while... it's getting on my nerves about
now.  hahaha..   Anyone had the same problem??  Any ideas?? 
Hmmm....  to I hear the gods chanting in the distance?  ;)

Graci for your help, and I hope you enjoyed the curse of the 13th!


'87 4kcsq (that wants to make FAST left turns!) ;)