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Re: Fri 13th!!

> all started on Friday the 13th (no kidding)!  ;)  I was traveling
> home from school for the weekend when I found myself stuck behind
> a Chevy S-10 and flat bed trailer doing all of 40 mph!  WHOA!  :P 
> [boo]
> -this will explain what happened...    I was actually car #2 behind
> the trailer...(there was a BIMMER wanna be = Bonneville ahead of
> me).  I got to a point in the road with a gradual curve and saw an
> [intense]
> yards ahead of me (no stopping for this one)!  I yell something
> that I won't repeat right now and hit the brakes -----
> SCREEEECH--- THUD!!  I tried to swerve onto the opposite shoulder,
> but it still nailed me in the right front corner.   ARRRGH!    I
> [blip]
> of my 4000 CSQ--- WHOA!  The corner of the shelf hit the center of
> my licsense plate and made a nice impression.  ;)   After I was

You were lucky that you can actually see the trailer (and the things on 
it) and the possibility of those things go bonkers.

In early spring, this year, I went to Chicago for some fun. Just few 
minutes into the trip, while still in my home city, I was on I-80 heading 
out. I was following a late 80s Chevrolet sedan, the weather was hell 
doing small hail and freezing rain. Suddenly, in font of my eyes, the 
muffler mount (those small I-beam pices that holds the muffler works to 
the car) of that damn Chevrolet fell, hitting right side of the bumper 
and scaring the bejeesus out of my cousin who was sitting on passenger 
side. The thing was you'll never know from that car's outward appearance, 
which was pretty prestine despite it's a Chevrolet...

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