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Re: Automotive Consultant comments about AWD


>And there's Comsumer Reports. I found whan CR whims, A LOT of people 
>would follow with more blind faith than their religions. Of course, when 
>the opinion of CR is mentioned to any dedicated group (car nuts on 
>autos, the photogenic on photo equipment, or videophiles on video gears, 
>etc.), the opinion of CR is almost always considered as trash.
>And CR does not rate AWD and 4WD high in their opinions.

A large part of the problem is that CR regards an automobile merely as an
appliance.  The purpose of that appliance is to get you and 1.3 passengers
from point a to point b safely and economically.

Well, duh.  What happened to considerations of performance and handling and
emergency response, etc.?  It doesn't figure into their equation.

If you just want a cheap car which is reasonably safe under mild driving
conditions then their recommendation is probably pretty decent.  If, on the
other hand, you tend to drive a bit spiritedly then stay away from CR's

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