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RE: '86 Coupe GT horror story

          Well, interesting stories concerning your GT.  My GT is an '85 
          and I've had similar stories concerning it.  Though it has been 
          without a doubt one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned 
          (including a 78 atoyoT wagon, which I'd still have today If I 
          hadn't let little brother "borrow it".....).  But, I have to say 
          I too have had horror stories concerning the car:
          - Jan/90 - After owning the car 2 months, I had parked in the lot  
                     at school and was getting my notes together, when a     
                     guy in a huge Chevy van backs in to my car and takes    
                     off, while I'm in it.  After shock wears off, I have    
                     to race after him.  If it wasn't for the fact his       
                     liscense plate was imbedded in my grill, he never       
                     would have believed me.
          - Mar/90 - Guy who does repair work on my hood does first class    
                     paint job.  Wife's favourite past time becomes peeling
               	     the clearcoat off, giggling the whole time.
          - Oct/90 - Lose first antenna via roving band of junior            
          - Nov/90 - Roommate needs to back said coupe from behind his car.
               	     Borrows keys and says "sure I can drive a stick!"
                     I get in later on to find out the gears are a little 
               	     hard to find.  Turns out he forgot to "push down"       
                     before putting car in reverse.  Never fessed up to it.
          - May/91 - Made the mistake of putting on Eagle GT+4's.
               	     Never again.
          - Sep/91 - Lose second antenna.  Must be those damn kids again.
               	     By cheezy radio shack rubber antenna.  Don't snap, but
               	     damn ugly.
          - Jun/92 - Lose Third antenna.  Those kids are motivated.  Bite 
               	     the bullet and by electric antenna.  Move.
          - Oct/92 - Down at Nags Head, NC. Locals jump up and down on top
               	     of my coupe, proclaiming the whole time they hate 
               	     BMW's.  Start drinking more.
          - All the Time - This car, for some reason, attracts Mustang GT's
               	    	   like flies to S**T.  Go figure.
          - Feb/94 - Tear motor apart for more HP/torque.  Meanwhile I get
               	     married, then buy a house.  Cars sits for a year and a
               	     half in folk's garage.
          - Mar/95 - Car almost done. Join Quattro list.  Sanity returns.
          - May/95 - Car now daily driver.  Still attracts Mustangs, wife
               	     still giggles while picking clearcoat.
          Yeah, I've had bad luck with my GT too.  Funny, I still love it.  
          But other than standard maintanence, no problems.  Don't have 
          that digital dash, though.  If it had it, I wouldn't have bought 
          it.  Hate 'em.  Next on the list:  Finally getting it 
          85 Coupe GT
          85 5ks