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A/C Compressor

> From: BrettD516@aol.com

> I have a 1987 5000CS Turbo whose A/C compressor has kicked the bucket.  While
> it still works(barely), it is incredibly loud and the car shudders every time
> it comes on.  I have removed the clutch relay, and I don't think I'll need
> the A/C until late spring, but the mechanic told me that it will cost 600 for
> the compressor(made by AC Delco) and he'll install it for 200 (including
> freon or whatever they're using).  This is the third compressor that the car
> has munched, the second because they didn't flush all the metal shavings from
> the first one.  This one has lasted for about 3 years.  Now, the mech. said
> that Delco guarantees the compressor for 6 months, Audi for about a year.  He
> also said that this is a problem with this compressor, and that the new one
> will last 3 years before it has to be replaced.  This is slightly rediculous
> to pay 800 bucks every 3 years.  Can someone enlighten me to the
> possibilities of get it replaced or some reimbursement?  Have other people
> had this same problem, or is my mechanic BSing me?

Brett - I don't like the story you've been told on the parts price.  
I did the compressor on an 84 5KT and the Delco compressor from my 
local NAPA parts dealer (yes, NAPA had it in 24 hours...) was under 
$200.  I think he's giving you TOO big a markup.  Make some calls and 
buy it yourself - take it to him.

OR - why not change it yourself?  I honestly don't remember whether I 
decided to do the whole job myself or not.  Doing the A/C involves the 
compressor, the dryer, and a screen which keeps particulates out of 
the circulating coolant.  As far as I can recall, all are pretty 

If the compressor munches, you should have taken it BACK to the 
incompetent who did the work and make them pay for it.  The screen I 
mentioned has the specific job of preventing this deal.  It should be 
replaced - and the dryer should be replaced - when the compressor is 

Of course, it is illegal to vent your coolant into the 
atmosphere.  Since I would never encourage rampant lawlessness and 
chaos, I can only assume that you would do this job yourself if you had 
either had a service center remove it - or **maybe it has already 
leaked out, nudge, nudge.**  What a shame.  My sympathy.

Anyone on the list done this job recently?  I don't think the $200 
labor charge Brett was quoted is unrealistic, as it should work out 
to 3-4 hours labor.  But I have learned that those Delco compressors 
are among the most common and least expensive you can buy!!

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