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1986 GT Coupe

folks, i'm  new to this group, but have a question about an 86 gt coupe.  
i've had it about 9 months and this summer started to have electrical 

in particular the electric windows don't work, but if i 'fiddle' with the 
wiring they start again.

second the dash seems to be heat sensitive.  this is the dash with the 
digital electrolumi... display.  if the weather is very hot no dash 
display at all.  now that the weather is beginning to get cool the 
display is coming back.

any suggestions about this.  is the 86 gt coupe prone to electrical 
problems?  can i relplace the electrical contacts on the various wiring 
harnesses?  should i just clean the contacts?  any suggestions would be 

i live 80 miles from memphis and 120 miles from nashville, so don't have 
a local dealer to work with.  it needs to be something that i can do or 
that a local mechanic (not vw/audi trained) can do.

i've talked to the local vw dealer and they seem too busy watching tv to 
even answer questions or make suggestions.  they have the reputation 
that they really get upset if you 'bother' them to try to buy a car.  it 
must be nice!


phil slaughter