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Snow tires - Blizzaks...

Hello all,

My dad just purchased an S6 wagon.  Having never owned a turbo before, my 
dad is amazed by the acceleration and keeps telling me "she's a leaper, 
Phil".  In general, he loves the car and it has restored his faith in 
Audi (he had lost it with our '82 5000).  He is having an interesting 
problem with a small oil leak.  Audi of North America is baffled, 
claiming they've never seen such a problem before.  They just replaced 
the head gasket without any luck.  Their next effort is a new head coming 
in a week or so.

But, back to the point of the message.  Winter is fast approaching in New 
York so my dad sent me in search of the net's advice on winter tires.  He 
has read great reviews of Blizzaks and bought a set last winter for his 
other car (and was quite happy with them).  However, he's heard rumors 
that the "microcell" or whatever technology the Blizzaks use, might not 
last more than one season, leaving him with a set of mediocre winter 

Has anyone had positive experience with Blizzaks or can anyone recommend 
another brand of tire?


Phil Darringer