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Yeah.  I've had good luck with Southgate.  They did most of the work on my 5000q when I lived in Vermilion.  In Calgary, Northland gives very good parts service and advice.  I have never taken my car there, but that's where I deal for parts.  I live north of Cochrane, near Water Valley.
Ben Dekker at the Skoda dealership in Edmonton is quite knowledgeable.  He has four or five Audis including a quatto coupe.  Ken Miles at Miles Motors is also good.


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>        who likes, is satisfied with, enjoys dealing with his AUDI dealer?
>Does anyone?

I don't know if there is anyone else from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada even on
this list, but if there is, I'm sure they'll agree that Southgate VW-Audi
is an excellent dealership.  They are very willing to take care of anything
that even SEEMS wrong.  I think Norden Autohaus (the other (ex) Audi
dealer) sucks very muchly.  They are pretty snobbish - I don't know whether
that has anything to do with them being a Porsche dealership or not...  :-)

Tom Sedens

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