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83 Quattro Turbo Coupe fixer wanted.

Hi all,
I'm posting this for Stan Sokol.  He is the President of the North West Audi 
Quattro Club out here in Washington State.

* Stan is looking for a 83 QTC to build up.  He would like one with a 
straight, rust free body, but the rest is optional.

* Stan is also looking for a Macintosh, so he too can join the net!
Stan and his son Max have a Audi Part business, and would be interested in a 
swap for parts/services for a Mac.

* One last thing, The NW club is holding the following event.
Quattro Club Safety Seminar Autocross
November 11 and 12 (Sat and Sun),
Portland International Raceway.

Basically it's a two day driving school and a autocross on Sunday.  Sounds 
like a blast.  I'm going to attend, and hopefully my QTC will be fully 

Here's the lineup and itinerary:
Option 1: 2 Day driving school and autocross      $225
Option 2: Instructor Clinic, 2nd day autocross         $100
Option 3: 2nd day Autocross (need to have experience)  $125

For all three items, contact Stan or his son Max at:

Northwest Region Audi Quattro Club USA
1679 South Market
Suite 112
Chehalis WA, 98532

Or call them at:  360-748-7920

I'm not on the list right now, so if ya want, reply to me at:

See ya!   ---JCG