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Re: 4000 new owner questions (lots!)

*** Resending note of 11/01/95 10:19
From: Jim Fease
      Maplewood, MN
Subject: Re: 4000 new owner questions (lots!)
>From: glen.powell@smc.com
>  Re: slow wipers, yes, they're slow on older 4000s and '84 4KQs. Try
>  replacing the motor with a late-model 4KQ or Ur-Q wiper motor, they are
>  MUCH faster on the high setting.
>  -glen
You mean there IS a high setting? I thought that extra click was
reserved for the ur-Q guys!
'84 4KSQ - 160K, '88 egdoD navaraC - 120K (I believe in long relations)
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