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Delta Radio Wows :-(

Ok Guys,

A month or so ago I sprayed some carburator cleaner into the volume control and
it stated working better..... not great but better.... Now of course that
someone is
coming to look at the 89 100 thats for sale.... The radio is acting up

So this time I figured I would take it all apart and fix it properly.  I've
tryed to get
the face off the radio to no avail.  I took every screw off I could find, but
short of 
unsoldering the metal sides from the Backplane board on the bottom, I don't
see how to get it off.  

Has anyone succesfully gotten the damn thing apart and fixed this ?  I thought I
a post a while back of a successfull Delta radio diss-assembly, whoever that was

Please tell me how the heck ya did it ?


Mike L.
89 100 (For Sale) Broken Radio :-(
89 100 Wagon,  donor radio if I can't fix the above one :-(
90 V8 coming real soon I hope :-)