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Re: Say What? The E is What?

>>You've got to be kidding!!  You need to check your glasses, man!!   The neon
>>doesn't even come to mind when I look at the E. Have you seen one live?
>>Have you sat in it?  Have you driven it?  It is an extroardinary automobile!

I have to agree with the comments that the new MB is kinda "funny looking".
Let's put this in perspective: In this retro age we have car designers
"going back" to their roots. You can see this best in the redesign of the
Jaguar coupe. Out go the square headlights, in with the round. Overall,
Jaguar acheived the refined elegance of yesteryear with the power and
modernity of the 90s -- a balanced, classic redesign (who knows about the
engineering, though!). MB has not acheived the same with their new
makeover. The car is oddly out of balance between the new (rounder,
smoother skin) and the old (round headlights again!). Lost in all this is
any sense of identity -- take off the MB logo and you could have what looks
like any Jap luxury car (from anywhere other than the front)! I say this
because MB deserves better. This is one redesign that will NOT be listed as
"classic" in the years to come. (in spite of the engineering marvels

Just my opinion.

Michael J. Sullivan
Creative Director
Haywood & Sullivan