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200 TQ Wagon extras

Thanks to leads supplied by the members of this list, it looks like we'll
be buying a 1989 Audi 200 TQ Wagon w/ 90k on it. A few questions:

Where can I purchase an offical technical manual for the car? (i.e. w/
color wiring diagrams). What is the part number? Or did they only offer
microfiche? Other good guides out there?

Where can I purchase european quartz headlights for the car? Is it a
straightforward replacement? Or do you need special wiring
harnesses/brackets, etc? What are the part numbers?

Did the car have optional built-in foglamps? Would you recommend factory
fogs or after market fogs? What is the part number for the factory fog
switch for the dash (i.e. empty buttons near the radio)? Where do you wire
it to?

Thanx a million -- I can't believe how nice these cars are!

Michael J. Sullivan
Creative Director
Haywood & Sullivan