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Re: Ugly MB and pretty Audi Interiors...

At 10:48 PM 11/28/95, Michael LaRosa wrote:
>>You've got to be kidding!!  You need to check your glasses, man!!   The neon
>>doesn't even come to mind when I look at the E. Have you seen one live?
>>Have you sat in it?  Have you driven it?  It is an extroardinary automobile!
>Actually, if you squint it kinda looks like a late 70's camaro from
>the front ...... :-)

Actually, I think it looks like a Neon from the front.  "Hi, I'm an $80,000
Neon...Hi!"  (Big-old, googly headlights....ick.  ;-)

REQUIRED AUDI DISCUSSION:  I think Audi headlights are very attractive!
Seriously, I was looking through the "SuperWagon" article in E.C. where
they looked at the BMW, Audi, and ovloV (?) wagons.  They included shots of
the interior...the Audi interior is GORGEOUS compared to the others.
Wished my 90Q looked like that....<sigh>


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