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Re: Which Redline trans fluid?

> I just wanna get the right stuff the first time.
> Ordered Redline manual trans fluid today from Imparts along with other stuff,
> I described my vehicle-87 5kTQ, they said use the MTL4, so I went with it.
> Then I remembered I saved phone number for Redline that I saw posted here
> awhile back-called them and asked which fluid, they said MT90 is
> correct.(??!??)
> So I called Imparts back and changed it to MT90, but I'm left wondering. Can
> anyone confirm this. The manual calls for GL4 type.

This has been discussed, here's the scoop...

MTL and MT90 are the same formulation but different weights. If you want
a 75W-90 weight use MTL. If you want a 80W-90 weight use MT90. Redline
quotes MT90 because their listing specifies a 80W oil for Audis. The
owner's manual (at least mine - '86 5ks) says 75W so I put in MTL.

I have about 9K miles since then and shifts are smoother (synchros spin
up faster) and no discernable correlation to temperature. Shifting is
easy from 10 degrees to 110 degrees.

Bob Kunz