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S6 Wagon Deal of the Century

Well, it's time to look at new "family" cars and since the car (van) of
choice is the Chrysler T&C AWD LXi which they ain't makin' yet I took
a look at the green S6 wagon that's been sitting at the dealer for a
month now.

Sticker is right around $48K and there's a big "sale" sign on it with
$44K as the price. I know someone posted the dealer prices for these a
few weeks ago.. did anyone save it? I also think someone bought one
recently and was trying to remove the roof rails - what "deal" did you get?

The slime-o-rama dealer swapped the 225/55VR-15 tires for 215/60VR-15
Goodyear Eagles that obviously look too skinny for the wheels. Maybe I
could pop the bead in my test drive? :-) Other than that, the car has
been outside for the last month. It looks really great.

Now all I have to do is convince my wife that we have the extra $14K
to spend and she really did want to upgrade our '86 5Ks wagon after
all to another Audi. Any ideas?

Bob Kunz