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Re: Audi A4=VW Passat=Mercedes?

Peter (audionly@aol.com) wrote:
>           I just went to Dinner with a couple of Audi engineers who told me
> some interesting news concerning Volkswagons new Passat. It will be built on
> the same platform as the Audi A-4 and will have the Audi engine in it instead
> of the Volkswagon VR-6.............The reason being that VW has signed
> contracts to provide the VR-6 to Mercedes (with a Mercedes valve cover) and
> the factory that produces the engines does not have enough capacity to supply
> the VW Passat......Bottom line is you can have the same platform in three
> different styles.......The Audi A-4; the Volkwagon Passat; or the Mercedes
> ?????

Not quite.  While Mercedes may indeed start using the VR6 (though this is 
the first I've heard about it), they'll still be using their own RWD

As for the Passat, the next one will indeed be on an AUdi platform, but 
it'll be the A6 platform, not the A4 one.  This is apparently to satisfy
current Passat owners' expectations with regard to interior space.  (The
A4 is a lovely car, but it's none too roomy in the back seat.

So, to summarize the VW group platforms and engines based on this:

Make/model		Platform designation	Top engine
VW Polo			VW A03			VW 1.6
VW Golf			VW A3			VW VR6
VW Jetta/Vento		VW A3			VW VR6
VW Passat ('96)		VW B4			VW VR6
VW Passat ('97)		Audi B6			Audi V6

Audi A3	('97?)		VW A3			Audi 1.8T
Audi TT			VW A3			Audi 1.8T
Audi A4			Audi A4			Audi V6
Audi A6 ('96)		Audi B5			Audi V6
Audi A6 ('97)		Audi B6			Audi V6

SEAT Ibiza		VW A03			VW 2.0
SEAT Cordoba		VW A03			VW 2.0
SEAT Toledo		VW A2			VW VR6

Skoda Felicia		Skoda			VW 1.8

(and also ... ?)

Mercedes C-class ?	Mercedes C (RWD)	VW VR6

The Volkswagen-specific B4 platform (as used in the current Passat models)
will disappear once the Audi-based models are introduced, in VW's quest
for fewer basic platforms.

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