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Prep for "auto-cross"

I'll be taking the urq out for a driving school soon and I want to make 
sure that it is prepared and will pass tech.  I'm thinking that the school 
will be very similar to an auto cross style course.  I've never taken the 
car on such an event, although I've had the bike around Laguna Seca once.
The car has been tuned and smogged lately and the tires are just about at 
racing depth ;), but I wanted to consult the net wisdom for other things 
to do to ensure minimal pain and maximum pleasure.  

Any things I should keep an eye on to try to catch problems developing 
during the event before they prevent me from having a ride home?

I'll definitely need to get that hot starting problem fixed before then!
Should I take the 5kQ wagon instead (more for q-ship effect)?

Steve Buchholz