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Surfactants. was Re: Coolant for 5kTQ???

Previously on this thread-

>> I you are having to deal with a lot of heat, I would recommend (regardless
>> of which coolant you choose) finding your local RedLine dealer and
>> purchasing a bottle of Water Wetter.  I use it along with Sierra coolant and
>> it keeps the cooling system VERY efficient.  I'm not sure how much it costs
>> as I was given the bottle I used.
>I have a bottle. It costs about $5, and goes a long way. I haven't
>tried it out yet, though. Winter is here, and I don't have problems
>with heat then. During the summer, I do; the last 2 miles to work
>is grid-locked lights, and my water temp. goes way up. I figured that
>for $5, I'd give it a try.

I'm not sure how to make water wetter than water except to dilute it with
some water. DOH!

I would speculate, however, that these 'Wetter' additives are, in fact,
surfactants. You might want to try  dishwashing detergent (make sure its
phosphate free, tho) ;-)

joking aside, IF (I'd have made that a bigger 'if' if I could have) you
believe these chemicals to be beneficial to your cooling capacity, Kodak
also makes a wetting agent that is _very_ cheap, commonly available at
photo stores, and is effective at reducing surface tension in fairly dilute
solutions (it goes a long way).

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