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No more Stage II boxes w/o turbos from IA...$2495.00!!!!!!AAHHH!!

								03 NOV 95
								15:17 EST

Hi Gang,

	I spent some time on the phone with Ned Ritchie last night. Very
depressing. Now that it looks like I'll be in-country for a bit, and after
being on this list for a few months I decided it was time to "techno-rod" my
'87 5KCSQ with a Stage II from Ned, but Ned has decided not to offer the Stage
II box and spring unless you buy his turbo mod. So the whole Stage II set-up is
now $2495.00; quite a bit more than I intended or intend to spend. He says too
many people were taking his box and experimenting with their own turbos and
blowing "things" up. Gee...do WE know any people like this?? I didn't want a
"Big Brother" for my car just 280-300 ponies. Ned says he might cut me a Stage
1.5 box if I don't want his $1700.00 turbo($2495-$795). Good grief, here in
southern New England(sealevel) I can get 93 octane most everywhere and 94
octane from Sunoco; and I don't want to blow up my car either!!! How many of
you listers with the Stage II box have "grenaded" your motors, be honest now; 
or is Ned just cracking down on creativity?

	Anyways, I said I'd pass this along for him: He has a K24 from an S4
for sale @ $400.00; he says it's a lil' tight, but he thinks that's because it
doesn't have many miles on it. Mike Hoppen @ 813-924-6380 in FL. also has one
that a customer is selling for $800.00. Ned thinks two K24's would be too much
for an Audi V8. Someone told me and Ned verified it that the K24 has a smaller
shaft and bearings than the K26 on the 5KCSQ's. Also, Ned asked me to mention
to our overseas list members that he will be traveling to NZed and OZ to see
about getting a mailorder set-up going downunder; he'll probably sell you folks
Stage II boxes...geez!!

	Well, if any of you "techno-rodders" have any suggestions to my dilemma
I'm, once again, open to suggestions. If I remember correctly Charlie has made a
couple of batches of springs, some other folks were attempting to sort out the
boxes, Scott has been working with turbos. That reminds me: Ned says you can't
just go swappin' housings and impellers on your turbos; they will be imbalanced
and explode??? Funny, the article in the June "EUROPEAN CAR" didn't mention
that and I haven't heard anything about PDQSHIP "lunchin'" turbos....So anyway,
I only want 280-300 safe, dependable horsepower; from what I've read and seen
this sounds quite do-able.

	Thanx in advance for your thoughts, know that I do appreciate them.
Have a nice weekend all!

							Happy motoring,


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