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Re: Checking AWD and locking differentials

In a message dated 95-11-03 15:53:07 EST, you write:

>I recently purchased an 864kcsq (I love the abbrevs.). And I was wondering
>is there anyway to make sure the position 1 and 2 settings are working? I
>am pretty sure the AWD is working (I can't break the tires lose around
>sharp corners at high speeds :) ), but I don't know for _positive_, nor
>am I sure about the locked settings.

May be crude, but the way I know mine works-find a steep snow covered
upgrade-one that progressively gets steeper  (my driveway), slowly climb up
with as little momentum as possible, when you get stuck, engage pos 1 (you
may need to roll back down to "engage"), see if you get further till stuck
again, engage 2, see if you go further. I do this in reverse.