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Stereo Service

My 89 200TQ has the Bose system.  I have no idea if its ever been serviced
like one does on their VCR, however I feel the clarity for my cassette's are
not as good as they should be, and sometimes when I put a tape in the Bose
plays the tape at a really fast speed.  I always eject the tape and put it
back in, which then plays it at normal speed.  

I went to Radio Shack and purchased the typical cassette cleaner (tape and
liquid drops one put on the cotton tape heads).  It did make them black, so I
assume it cleaned the heads.  Still, I can not tell the difference and the
"speed" situation still occurs..  Should the cassette be demagnitized or
something else?  There are a new electronic places in town that specialize in
car stereo servicing, I was thinking about taking it there for a free
inspection.  All I know is I have had my VCR serviced about once a year when
it starts eating tapes, playing the tapes at a fast/slow speed, and it seems
my Bose needs the same service.   Appreciate any info.