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Lights on dashboard

Hope someone can help with this annoying electrical situation.  

1.  My temp gague on my dash does illuminate when headlights are turned on,
but its a weak illumination compared to tach/speedodometer, etc.  2.  In the
dash area where my seat heater/rear window defrost/rear fog/anti lock
switches are located, the  lights on the seat heaters (both) don't illuminate
at all.  The anti lock switch light illuminates as soon as I start the car,
however the rear window defrost and rear fog switch lights don't come on when
I start the car, but do come on when I turn on headlights.  

Before I go down to Radio Shack and purchase the bulbs for the seat heaters
and start that small project, or buy the bulb for the temp gague and take of
the dashboard to replace one stinking bulb, I was thinking maybe there is a
root problem more importantly for item #2 above, and hopefully item #1 as
well.  I checked the archives and can not find anything, but did find the
archives on the procedure to replace the seat heater bulbs.  

Is this a situation where by cleaning contacts somewhere that could solve the
problem, or are seat heater bulbs burned out not related to the other bulbs
that do work, but not in sequence with each other or weaker illumination?
 Appreciate any info.....Thanks.