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Re: No more Stage II boxes w/o turbos from...

Re: No more Stage II boxes w/o turbos from IA...$2495.00!!!!...


  That's really hard to believe; no more IA Stage II CPU mods at $800.00 US
  a whack if you don't buy one of his turbos too?!? I am really shocked.
  I've always thought very highly of Ned, always seemed to be a
  straight-shooter and one of the "good guys".

  Well, if the $400 price for the S4 turbo was't a typo somebody here ought
  to snap that sucker up REAL QUICK!

  On the Stage II and grenaded engines, I've been running the Stage II for,
  oh like 3-4 years and about 100,000 miles with NO problems. Added the S4
  turbo, adjustable WG and been running 15 PSI for like 2 years now, also
  NO problems.