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Re: Gateway Speedway with the M-boys -- LONG

>Summary:  q's, even 5ktq tanks, can hold their own with the Bavarians on 
>the track.....  The new M3 aren't as fast as you'd think, the M5 faster, a 
>couple of old M3 were really fast......  The 355 was definitely a brush 
>(scuze the pun) with greatness, I started him out of pit lane once, and 
>figgrd I could sell the tape of that exhaust to many.......  The NSX made 
>little noise, but were very fast.......  The alfas made you scratch your 
>head with the why question........  The SC300 was the quietest machine 
>I've ever ridden in.....  The 540 isn't as quick as I thought.......  A 
>very competent and safety conscious group with some very experience 
>Professional Racers at the helm of instruction, made for smiles for all 
>(save 1 944 turbo)......  And the quest for fun was high, but very 
>controlled, without being a dictatorship.....  This school should be a 
>model for the QC boys......  People having fun, doing what they are told, 
>and the assurance of safety first prevailed above all else for two 
>straight days........  Thanks for the invitiation Eric........  I'll be 
>back for another....

Glad you had a great time Scott, That HUGE grin kinda gave it away 
though!  Next Year if any of the listers want to go let me know, The 
Spring Event is planned for May 11-12 or 18-19 Depending on some 
construction projects at the track. The instruction is first rate, About 
8 of us race togther in IMSA, there are 5 Skippy Barbarians, and the rest 
of the staff are ALL national champs.  Cost is Very Reasonable, Lunch 
included both days, and it's Close to downtown St. Louis, Like 5 min. away.

As Scott said we did hold our own.  Scott Myself and a Buddy of mine in 
his ITS Alfa GTV-6 got the corner workers to get out of their warm cars 
and give use a standing ovation for our playful dice's during one of the 
sessions.  At Gateway once you exit turn two, your treat turn 3, 3a, 4 
and 5 as one WAY FAST way Long straight with a top speed of, what Scott 
125mph!?.  I was doing the Touring Car thing in 3, and 3a, getting my 
monster up on two wheels with a little curb thump action, anyway Scott 
decided that he was going to do a little confidence braking into 5, well 
I was'nt! Suck up onto Scott's bumper, gave a quick thought the Sleazing 
him on the turn in but my passenger was turning white and green, so I 
give scott the turn in but the Apex and Exit were mine!  The Apex at 6 is 
right at the beggining of a rather wide crossover road.... So I used it! 
Decided to go a few feet deeper into the brake zone into 7 and got a 
MAJOR butt wiggle out of the car.

A 944 Turbo was TOTALED on the 2nd lap of the FIRST Session!  Scott and I 
put on a great show, I was running something like 18psi boost and Scott 
was higher WITH more CFM (=MORE HP!!)  The Suspension kit works 
FANTASTIC!!!  Small push under power (Duh!) nice rotation that's really 
controlable.  Brake balance using the CC  in the Front with Cross Drilled 
Rotors and and the stock rotors in the rear was dead on.  BTW  Glen 
Powell, It  would have made you a CC beliver!  could go as deep as the 
Modified M3's all day long NEVER once saw fade.  I was on Dunlop D60A2's 
and the tires really did a nice job even though they "Started" at full 
tread depth! SP 8000's would have been better, M40's Even Better, Can't 
wait to run the Race rubber next year!  My old ITS lap record is a 
1:46:55 in my '72 240Z.  The 5KTQ was running a 1:59.  Thinking that with 
Bigger Brakes, one of Scotts Turbo's and race tires I can get close to my 
record, Maybe a :48 !!   My buddys ITS Alfa GTV-6 could'nt get me! 
Granted it was 30F and his race rubber was old (Like 2 years!) but hey!

Oh yeah, Ask Scott about Bottle rocket Wars.


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com