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Re: using "fault memory" for trouble shooting

>Has anyone out there had experience activating the "fault memory"; you 
>know...you insert a fuse into the fuel pump relay for 4 seconds, remove 
>it  and the idiot light which consists of an engine icon and the word 
>"check" flashes out a code which reveals the status of "coded" 
>systems.....  Well, if you have used this feature, maybe you could answer 
>a question I have.....

Okay shoot.

>OK...When you initiate the check, I'm assuming that you have to check 
>every system, that is "coded", in a preset order by inserting and 
>reinserting a fuse into the relay.  So, you have to test every system in 
>order, even if no faults were recorded for some systems.  Eventually, 
>if faults were recorded, you will get an "error" code.  In other words, you 
>have to keep inserting and reinserting a fuse into the relay until you see 
>an error code, if fault was recorded...  Is my assumption correct???  

Nope you got it wrong.

>Or does the fault memory display only codes for systems that are 


>  Bentley is not too clear on the procedure.  

I dunno, kinda found it easy to understand, But then that's me.

>The "check" light in my '88 90 comes on occasionally.  When I've tried to 
>test the systems, all I get out of the computer is 4-4-4-4 (no fault).  This

>occurs, however, only after a couple of fuse insertions/reinsertions into 
>the fuel pump relay; have I not finished the systems check??  If so how many

>times do I have to plug the fuse into the relay to test all of the systems??

What grade gas have you been running? The knock sensor might not like 
what it's hearing, or you might have a coolant or electric problem.

>Any thoughts will be appreciated

Also for those that are Bentley challenged Here are the brain codes for 
the 5KCSTQ's.

4444 No Faults
1111 Brain Dead
2111 RPM Sensor
2112 Timing Sensor
2113 Hall Sensor (Distrubitor)
2121 Idle Switch
2123 Full Throttle Switch
2141 Knock Control
2142 Knock Sensor
2221 Boost Sensor
2312 Coolant Temp Switch
2322 Intake Air Temp
2342 O2 Sensor


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com