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'87 5kCST, 109k miles- safe boost pressure?

I've been considering installing one of Chuck Smith's springs and doing the
computer modification, but I wanted people's input as to the safety of doing
so, for a number of reasons, mostly because I don't have the cash to fix the
engine if something blows.
Here's what people have told me so far:
-Some of you people out there are racing these things and using boost
pressures of up to 2.2 bar or more.
-The 5kCST engine is way overbuilt, so it can handle the boost.
-My audi is FWD, and several people have said that the
suspension/drivetrain/whatever can only handle about 200 hp.  -Chuck says the
spring and computer mod enables boost of up to 1.6 to 1.8 bar, increasing the
hp by about 60 hp. 158+60=218, 18 hp over the 200 line.  Is it possible to
fine tune the max boost, if the car is on a dynamometer, electronically?
-The engine has about 109k miles(and has no mods) on it-and the lifters are
making a little noise.  Does my engine have to be really tuned and working
perfectly?  Should I have a mechanic check it out completely first?
-Does the increased boost cause more wear and tear on the engine?  Is doing
the mod going to increase the chances of something failing?  What is people's
experiences with this? Especially with older engines with little or no new

Call me paranoid, but I love my car :)
If I could get people's honest opinions on this, I would appreciate it
greatly.  I would love to get the extra hp, but I really don't want to cause
any harm doing so.