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Ben - sounds like you have a really trick UrQ.  If I remember your 
message correctly, sounds like your next step should be a turbo upgrade.  
Folks here on the list seem to like the one out of the RS2 for top end 
power gains.  

Since it seems like your car is a lot like mine (minus the RS2 turbo)
would you mind doing some timed runs for me as part of a baseline database
I'm trying to put together?  If you didn't see my earlier post on this
subject, what I need is for people to do some timed 30 to 60mph runs in
third gear, reporting the time it takes for you to do that in your car. 
Of course, make sure the road is level, and note the outside temperature,
along with any other extenuating circumstances you can think of.  If you
have the ability to change the boost pressure easily in your car, I'd like
you to do some runs at the stock boost pressure, and then some at around 1
bar (14.5 psi). 

For all of the rest of you out there with UrQ's, so far I've only got 
data for 4 cars... I'll need more if this study is going to be 
statistically significant.  So come on, open 'er up and have some fun!!!

                                                         Dan Bocek