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quattro mods

     Sounds like quite a machine! I have and '83 and an '85 Quattro coupe 
     up here in Toronto. The '83 is in bits in the garage undergoing (a 
     slow) rebuild, 10 years of Canadian winters and 230K km having taken 
     there toll. Both cars are stock except for some body work 
     modifications on the '85.
     I have been, since the early 80s, a big quattro fan, growing up in the 
     UK where the cars are more common. Anyway, I would like your advice on 
     increasing the horse power to somewhere around 230 (I like the idea of 
     variable boost). Money is an object, and solutions like computer mods 
     that can be easilly ported between cars would definitely be an 
     advantage for me.
     I'll probably have to replace the turbo on the '83 during the rebuild 
     and I am in two minds whether to rebuild the original motor (which was 
     running well when I took the car off the road) or try and find an '87 
     turbo motor with a knock sensor? I have spoken with a very 
     knowledgeable mechanic here in Toronto and he strongly recommends the 
     knock sensor equipped motor as the starting point.
     As for computer mods, I have Ned Ritchie's literature and some from 
     two other companies all three offer about 230hp, one of them (a 
     British company Turbo Boost?) offers 265hp for a 150 pounds sterling. 
     Now I know the European cars are 200 hp stock but 265 hp for 300 
     candian dollars seems extremely good value, even if I have to buy a 
     new cam? 
     I guess the point is I am rather confused about the best way to modify 
     the 160 hp North American model and don't want to make an expensive 
     mistake. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
     By the way since all the parts are out of the car at the moment, I was 
     wondering if you knew if there are parts available to modify first and 
     second gear to longer ratios. One change to 60!
     I was also reading the Audi Quattro Gold Portfolio (excellent book) 
     article on the '84 rally spec quattro which had larger vented rear 
     brakes and possibly larger fronts (I need to check the spec on the '84 
     rally car tonight). They consistently recorded braking times ol less 
     than 3 seconds 60-0 mph, with a "Car" test best of 1.9. This apeals to 
     me almost more than increasing the hp. What brakes are you running and 
     what would you recommend.
     thanks and regards, Mike