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ABS drops off, stock Boost Question

I've bought my 5KCSTQ about a month ago with a host of problems.  Slowly
working on them all.  When I bought it the Brake pressure warning light was
blinking.  With the ABS on (for a short period of time) it would grab at the
driver's side front wheel (that wheel also had a bad upper strut rubber
bushing).  I checked the booster IAW the factory manual and only a small
amount of fluid came out.  Since there was a leak on the Hyd pump, I went
ahead and replaced it with a newer one from a low milage 200.  When I drained
the old pump, small bright metal particles came out (enough to notice).  Now
after I start the car, the brake warning comes on within 2-3 minutes, or as
soon as I turn the steering.  Shortly thereafter, the ABS drops out.  Pedal
pressure also seems lower.  Should I replace the pressure accumulator next
(local price $116.00 - is that low or high?)?

Down here in FL, I read .9 bar prior to starting the car.  Max boost showing
ever has been 1.2 bar.  Is this average or low?  We've had some cool mornings
lately (47 degrees - wow!), and 1.2 is still tops, pushing the car hard.

Dave Head
87 5KCSTQ, 161,000 and going strong!