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The V-Files

In a message dated 95-11-13 02:28:36 EST, you write:

>the current audi v6 has its strong points but i agree that it is not a
>world class powerplant like the vr6.  however, what it really has over the
>vr6 is development potential.  being cut from the same cloth as the
>evergreen 4 & 5 cylinder engines, imagine what 2 bars of boost would do to
>the vr6 has had very troubled development and it does not look promising
>as far as attaining subtantial output gains is concerned.  
>but since both engines are owned by the same company, they could retain
>the lower output vr6 for the smaller cars while using the higher output
>future v6 for the bigger ones.
>i think that both brands will benefit from a shared platform.  the
>american car buying public is far too unsophisticated to care if the
>passat and a6 shares the same platform.  they will measure a car's

>anyway, enough grumbling.  as far as the passat/a6 is concerned, by
>cutting down on the number of platforms, vw/audi will lower costs, which
>means that they can load up the cars with more crap for the same money. 
>that's what it takes to sell cars here.  

......  Let's not forget what the Vr6 six was designed for.....  To put a six
where a 4 normally resides, without having to change the front bay
design.....  For that goal, it accomplished well, for a 6, it's not an awe
inspiring engineering as a 3L 8 from BMW for instance.....  I think what is
intriguing is that MB has slated to buy some 6's, hmmmm, there must be a
place to put it bettrn their own 6.........  JTH