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FS: Quattros in MSP

Hello folks,

I have just returned from a little "road trip" up to the
Minneapolis / St. Paul area and I found SEVERAL nice cars worth
mentioning.  I will state that I have no financial interests
involved here... just passing along some "nifty" finds for the
fellow Q-heads out there!  :) 

There is NO SHORTAGE of S6's in the Twin Cities... the dealers I
spoke with said that they had been stocking up and getting all
they could while they were still avaiable.  


1.)  1993/94? Audi S4 Quattro in dark green with Ecru leather
-GORGEOUS CAR!!  And only had 13,500 miles or so on it!  :)
2.)  New S6 wagon also dark green I think
3.)  1991 Audi Coupe Quattro  black on tan w/ 65k miles.  price
was about $16500 I think.  I drove this car a few weeks ago if you
have any more questions.

 If you have questions, Carousel can be reached at: 612.544.9591 or
FAX: 612.544.0612   (ask for Roger Evanson)


1.  A HOT 1995 S6 Quattro... Tornado Red on black leather!  I'm
sure the price is quite hot as well.
2.  S6 wagons... both new, one black, one green.
3.  Nice dark blue 100CS Quattro w/ tan leather and low miles....
1993  priced around $25k maybe?
4.  1993 Audi 90 Q  balck / tan leather -beauty as well!  :)
5.  Oh... and a few gorgeous Porsches (I can tell you more if you

Maplewood can be reached at: 612.483.2681  or FAX: 612.483.1632
(the guy to talk to is Larry Carlson) 

The bottom line, there were LOTS of Q's in the Twin Cities... if
you're looking for something specific, it might not hurt to give
these places a call.  :)


-A few Q's and an X-