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Re: Catalytic Converter - BAD?

> In a message dated 95-11-08 17:50:16 EST, you write:
> >Also, the Meineke operator (pun intended) tried to sell me a new catyltic
> >converter because mine (170k mi) is loose inside and could break off a
> >small piece of the innards and damage the muffler.  Anybody shed any light
> >on this?  I think he was being an "operator" and wanted $$$$.  
> >

I had this problem last week on my 85 5KS when my catalytic convertor made rattling sound, and the car's performance went way down. My mechanic suggested to take off the catalyc and empty it and put it back on. It took me 45 min. to do it and the car runsfine, even though it is little bit louder when accelerating. =P I know that is not 
the best fix, but it's $0 fix. 

BTW. my mechanic said that his friend done it while back on his 83 5kS and passed
smog. I got smog two months ago.

Anybody knows how much is a new cat. convertor.