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Re: more VR6 Question

>In a message dated 95-11-14 03:16:44 EST, you write:

>>	Is the VR6 DOHC ?
>> 		I think it is a SOHC ,but at the cylinder head ,there is
>>        a big "DOHC" on it.
>>		Yes it has two camshafts ,but in V engine ,it should has
>>	four to become a DOHC ,right ?

>VW blatantly claims DOHC on the covers, which by their definition would be
>"it has two cams of the overhead variety..... " By all definitions of the
>motor itself it is a single overhead cam v6 (narrow or not)........

	I'm not very familiar with the VR6 except that it's a narrow "V"
engine. Are there two separate heads on it, or is it narrow enough that a one
piece unit incorporates the combustion chambers, valves and cams for both banks
of cylinders? This is the only way, and it's stretchin' the diffinition, that
VW could claim the engine to have "DOHC's" if there is only one cam over each
row of cylinders. Is it a one piece casting??