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Re: more VR6 Question

> >>	Is the VR6 DOHC ?
> >> 		I think it is a SOHC ,but at the cylinder head ,there is
> >>        a big "DOHC" on it.
> >>		Yes it has two camshafts ,but in V engine ,it should has
> >>	four to become a DOHC ,right ?

> >VW blatantly claims DOHC on the covers, which by their definition would be
> >"it has two cams of the overhead variety..... " By all definitions of the
> >motor itself it is a single overhead cam v6 (narrow or not)........

your biases are starting to show.  it used to be that SOHC/DOHC would mean
number of cams per bank, but we now have "quad cam V6 or V8 engines"...  does
that mean 4 cams per bank?  if you want to flame VW, you should also flame
every one else. 
> 	I'm not very familiar with the VR6 except that it's a narrow "V"
> engine. Are there two separate heads on it, or is it narrow enough that a one
> piece unit incorporates the combustion chambers, valves and cams for both banks
> of cylinders?

it is narrow enough for one head, one valve cover.  if anything calling it
DOHC is probably more accurate because one cam operates intake and the other
operates exhaust, much more like a straight six. 

> This is the only way, and it's stretchin' the diffinition, that
> VW could claim the engine to have "DOHC's" if there is only one cam over each
> row of cylinders. Is it a one piece casting??

there are two cams in all.  perhaps that should be the only description
that should be used.

i don't see the point getting all hung up over marketing terminology.