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Re: ignition lock problem

subject 86 coupe gt...

first, thanks to all who helped with the electronic dash problem i 
originally asked about.  i have all of the info i need for now, but have 
not taken it apart yet to fix.  that will happen over thanksgiving.

now a new issue, same 86 coupe gt...  this time the oil light comes on 
and the buzzer sounds, at random times.  if i press in the clutch to  
drop rpm's below 2k the buzzer and light stop and usually do not occur 
again for days (weeks!)  each time i check the oil and it is ok.

i have thought that it might be the sensor, but the mechanic i use says 
it tests ok.  has anyone else had a similar problem?  if so, what was it?  
this model seems to have a lot of electrical problems, could it be a bad 

thanks for any help,
phil slaughter
86 coupe gt
87 chevy astro