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Re: New can of worms!

>>My car's hard to quick shift and even harder to heel-toe because it takes 
>>so long for the revs to fall or jump.  Any other possible solutions?
>>correctly call me ignorant on the subject of flywheels - I've never held 
>>one or seen it on a drivetrain, but I'd like to.  I do know that it's 
>>causing an inconvenience in my driving style right now.
>change driving styles.
>i'm not trying to be facetious, but what's the big rush in shifting?  how
>many tenths of a second are you really going to save by shifting faster?  i
>could be wrong here, but there's other places to gain time.  some of the
>core competitive types (Eric?  Scott? Graydon?) can prob'ly add more here
>2 pennies.

I dunno I really have never had a problem with either upshifting quick 
(Data Commander says I'm off power for less than .15 seconds and only 
loose about 3lbs of boost at 18psi) and If your downshifting correctly 
(Like AFTER most of the braking has been done) it just works....  Albeit 
the pedals need a little adjustment.

For the most part cracking off those really quick upshifts and downshifts 
does nothing during street drivering other than open up the possiblity of 
some synco damage when you get it wrong.

Just my $1.05


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com