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V8 changes-(wasRe: vr6 and the competition)

>i don't think that much has changed with the audi v8 engine aside from
>the capacity increase.  lots of minor details, of course, which would
>ensure parts incompatibilities, but i'd be curious to know what, if any,
>major improvements there are.
I'd be interested to know how the capacity increase was done. is the 4.2
simply a stroked 3.6 or does it have a new block?
I find the v8 a delight, super smooth, free revving + gobs of grunt once
the car is in its element ie on the open road @ 50+mph. TheIt would be nice
if the car got off the line better, hence the interest in the 4.2.
Does anyone know the relative hp & torque for the two motors or has
everyone got pissed off with this current slanging match?

John Firkins
V8 ( for covering distance in speed & comfort)
 & Ur-Q (for the traffic light grand prix)