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RE: back to black

Shef writes:
>To this I say DITTO!. I made the mistake a few years ago of "ArmorAllin'" my
>dashboard. My windshield became a HUD(heads up display) gone BAD! If the sun
>was right I could barely see through it.

This may not be the only problem youll have. A friend of mine runs a
plastic repair business, the sort that comes and fixes your cars interior.
He swears that Armourall keeps him in business! Seems that not all plastics
enjoy being left in the sun after being treated, in paticulay WMB
dashboards, some suffering extensive sun damage within 2 years. His
recommendation, keep the plastic clean with a damp cloth, ude AA just
before you sell the car!

Before you start sebding me mail about how much of the stuff youve poured
over your pride & joy etc, consider my location, 300 miles south of the
tropic of Capricorn.
Its five in the morning & 28 degrees outside (about 85 for you guys) Its
gunna be hot!

. This raises another question: in my travel in
>northern Europe and Oceania(NZed and OZ,etc.) I've never seen a Pearl White

Its not common, but was certaining available on S4's (also not common)