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Re: Rear Fog Lights (was Rear Lights)

>     While we are on the subject, just what is that switch on my
>     dash supposed to do? I know European spec cars are required
>     to have these to reduce the risk of rear ending in low
>     visibility...but what are they - brighter red (running) lights?
>     I see no difference at night - are they just for daytime use (never
>     looked at them in daylight with the switch on...) or did US spec cars
>     get the switch but no groovy lights, thanks to the DOT?
>Tom F.
>90 200 TQW IA Stage I
>90 Syncro Westie

on my 89 100 one of the tailights definetly gets brighter, kinda
like a brake light going on.  It worked great last winter when somebody
was following me in a blizzard and said the one fog light made it easier
to figure out if he was behind the correct car or not :-)

Mike L.
89 100 Wagon
89 100 Sedan (Waiting for new owner to pick it up :-)
90 V8 (The new car my wife stole this morning before I got out to the
       garage :-(