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Re: Clutch & high mileage

I have a 1982 Coupe with approximately 160K miles and the engine is
fine (I have the classic broken odometer gear).  I have not done a
compression test for 30 or 40K miles though.

My clutch is a different story.  I have gone through three (3) of
them.  They never get a chance to wear much at all.  The diaphragm
spring in the pressure plate breaks causing the clutch to not
completely engage or disengage.  I posted this problem to this list
before and know one seemed to have any clues.  The clutch is manual
(not hydraulic) and is adjusted according to the Bentley manual,
something like 15/16" pedal play (I don't remember the exact number).
Could this be wrong?

I once saw a car just like mine in a parking lot two years ago.  I saw
the owner and talked to him for a few minutes.  He had 160K miles on
it then and it still had the original clutch.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe