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Re: 1 change to 60

Well, after a little experimentation, I believe that my '93 90CS
can make it to 60 with only one gear change... Actually, a little
beyond, too.

I had previously checked the accuracy of the speedo against one
of those "traffic safety" radar trailer gizmos (the ones displaying the
posted speed limit and large digital numbers showing yours). 
Admittedly not the most accurate device, but another reference point.
With no other traffic around, several runs at varying speeds 
showed my speedo to be reading about 3MPH high (the error seems to be
constant, at least up to 65MPH, the fastest run I made).

For kicks, I compared this with the vehicle speed channel on the
climate control (which reads in km/h). The readout was about 5 km/h
behind the speedo, which after a rough conversion, agrees with what
the radar thingy said. (Tires and wheels are OEM size.)

So, off I went... I saw 103 km/h on the display before the rev limiter
dialed back the fun at 6500 RPM. That's almost 64MPH. Assuming that
the climate control is really reading higher than actual, there still
a comfy margin...