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V6s, 12, 24, 30 valves, power, where's the power?

With all of these threads on the Audi and VW V6 engines, I began
to ponder Audi's upcoming 30 valve V6. If I remember correctly,
the HP figure was about 193 or so. This struck me as being low.

I think the engine has a lot of potential, and only 21 more HP
for all the effort of 30 valves doesn't seem like much. I was
beginnier to worry that Audi was getting soft on power...

Well, I read in some trade rag that, in Germany, there is a
automobile tax threshold between 193 and 194 horsepower. It seems 
like more than coincidence that new engines from Audi and BMW 
develop precisely 193HP, eventhough they should be capable of 
significantly more...

Seems like a better policy than some you find here in the US.
(You want more power? Okay, but you'll have to pay...) But it's
still causing manufacturers to alter their wares to maintain
market position...