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re: radios


i originally had this feature on a 92 porsche 924, before the days when 
the antenna was in the windshield.  touch the key to the ignition and the 
power antenna went up and the radio came on.  i liked the feature and 
didn't notica a difference in the reception on the radio.

phil slaughter
'86 coupe gt

On 18 Nov 1995, Joe Yakubik wrote:

> From: Joe Yakubik
> Subject: radios
> There is a difference between the radio running with the key in and out.  Some
> VW's also have this feature.  	It was described in the April '92 issue of
> european car on p.108.  They also described how it was done and how to do it to
> other cars in another issue (plus/minus three months or so, maybe).   I did a
> cursory search, but couldn't find it.  I think you had to have a type III
> electrical system or something like that to make it work, and of course, the
> right radio.
> Joe Yakubik
> 91 200 20vTQ
> It's awful quiet in the garage, too.