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Re: 80Q 5cly no rev

My car had a bad problem with sputtering and also wouldn't rev much over 
4000 RPM.  One of three things cured the problem. 
	1.	Replacing fuel filter
	2.	Replacing fuel injector seals (not hard, but trying)
	3.	Running 2 consecutive 20 oz bottles of Techron tm through
		the system.  

I'm not sure which one of these was the cure, but all three together cost 
under $75.  In my opinion, Techron  is magic.  Chevron makes other 
stuff in similar bottles with Techron in it, but the straight Techron 
is the one to get.  The first thing I would try is the Techron.  Then the 
FI seals (they're so cheap, you might as well go ahead and replace 
them).  If all that fails, replace the fuel filter.  If you're having 
trouble finding the fuel filter (due to no Bentley), check under the rear 
passenger side door - that's where mine is (I'm not at all sure about the 

Hope this helps.

Jeremy R. King
1986 VW Quantum GL5
Audi at Heart

On Sun, 19 Nov 1995, CHRISTOPHER S. TUCKER wrote:

> I have recently purchased a 1990 80Q with a 5 cyl 10 valve engine that 
> had 71000 miles.  The car was bought from a used car lot at a Subaru 
> dealer.  This is my first Audi and I am enjoying the car very much.  I 
> still have a lot to learn about the mechanics of this vehicle.  My 
> leaning curve would be grater if I could locate a Bently manual.  
> (currently out of print)
> The 80Q drove good the first week of ownership.  I talked the dealer into 
> replacing the timing belt.  The work was done after the first week at a 
> Audi dealership.  After I picked up the car, I filled up the tank and 
> added a bottle of gumout fuel injection cleaner.  On the way that evening 
> the problem became noticeable.  
> On quick acceleration, foot to the floor, the engine starts to surge 
> around 3200 rpm and will not rev above 4800 rpm in second gear and above 
> 4400 rpm in third.  That's around 53 mph.  It is becoming very 
> frustrating not keeping up with minivans at stoplights.  
> Here is what I have done so far:  
> The  Audi dealer has rechecked the timing belt and says it is ok.  
> I even checked the belt and to the best of my knowledge it looked ok.  
> (Where is that Bentley manual!!) 
> I have adjusted the fuel air mixture,
> and replaced the cap, rotor and plugs.
> The engine now runs much stronger and does not surge.  However it still 
> will not rev above 4500 rpm.
> I plan to replace the plug wires, fuel filter, and air filter.
> If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on what else could be causing this 
> problem it would be of great help to me.  Thank you in advance.
> Chris Tucker
> ctucker@du.edu
> 69 Toyota Landcruiser
> 90 80Q