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Re: Vanagon /911

> just wonderin'...A few years ago,
> Road & Track (I think it was) wrote up an air-cooled Vanagon that the porsche
> folks (I think it was) schlepped a porsche 911 SC engine into (thats the 3.2
> liter 6 cyl boxer engine - no V's need apply - yet, though soon, I guess)
> that moved along quite nicely...
    Back in the early 70's I stuffed a 2.4 liter 911 into the back
    of the VW bus that was a towcar for the racecar trailer  8-)

    And, after the second time my ex burned the clutch out, it then
    became equipped with a type 3 full automatic transmission which
    managed to absorb the 6 cylinder power quite nicely.

    - Charlie

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